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The Tummy Time Course Pack

Help prepare your baby’s body for rolling, crawling, and walking

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  • Black and White Cards by Lovevery
  • Baby sitting in The Play Gym by Lovevery

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The Tummy Time Course Pack

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What you'll learn

Tummy time is essential to helping your baby prepare their body for big milestones like rolling over, sitting up, and crawling. It also provides many not-so-obvious benefits like promoting bonding, supporting digestion, and more—all covered in this Course Pack. You’ll gain a firm understanding of what tummy time looks like at different stages, how often to offer it and for how long, and how to make tummy time a happy, stress-free experience.

What you'll get

  • Expert guidance for ages 0–6 months

  • Unlimited video and audio access

  • 2 downloadable guides

Inside the Course Pack

Baby doing tummy time on The Play Gym by Lovevery

Expert Videos

Sec. 1 of 3: Tummy time basics

Tummy time basics

Learn about the many benefits of tummy time from Pediatric Occupational Therapist Rachel Coley.


Why is tummy time worth my time and effort?



Why do some people say babies don't need tummy time?



How old should my baby be before I start doing tummy time?



How old should my baby be before I put them on the floor?



What if the floor isn't safe for tummy time?



How old should my baby be before I stop doing tummy time?



What counts as tummy time?


Stages Guide from The Tummy Time Course by Lovevery

Tummy Time Stages Guide

Use the included developmental sequence to understand the stages of tummy time and how you can help your baby progress to the next stage.

Daily Tummy Time Plan from The Tummy Time Course by Lovevery

Daily Tummy Time Plan

Put what you learn into action with this helpful outline that gives you an easy tummy time plan to follow.

The Play Gym by Lovevery

The Play Gym

Take tummy time to the next level with this award-winning play mat designed with stage-based playthings and activities to engage your baby throughout their first year.

Black and White Cards by Lovevery

Black and White Card Set

Add visual interest and development to your baby’s tummy time practice with these high-contrast cards that vary in complexity to help strengthen your baby’s eyesight.


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