Baby reaching for the Tummy Time Wobbler from The Senser Play Kit
Tummy time toys for babies
Tummy time is important for your baby to build the muscles and coordination needed for major motor skills like sitting, crawling, and walking. Finding fun tummy time toys and activities is key to keeping your baby engaged while they explore, belly-down.
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Tummy time can be fun and easy with The Play Kits
Designed by experts for developmental play, The Play Kits take the guesswork out of playtime.
Baby looking at the Standing Card Holder from The Looker Play Kit

Standing Card Holder

For babies 1-12 weeks old. This card holder unfolds so it can be propped up and placed in view during tummy time—folds up for easy storage and on-the-go fun!

Baby looking at the Framed Mirror from The Charmer Play Kit

Framed Mirror

For babies 3-4 months old. Placed on the floor or propped up, your baby’s reflection in this tummy time mirror will fascinate them and hold their attention.

Baby looking at the Rolling Bell from The Charmer Play Kit

Rolling Bell

For babies 3-4 months old. The fun sound of the bell inside makes this tummy time toy perfect for entertaining your baby while on their belly—try rolling it from side to side.

Happy baby with the Tummy Time Wobbler from The Senser Play Kit

Tummy Time Wobbler

For babies 5-6 months old. Reaching for and trying to capture this wobbly tummy time toy helps your baby build the core muscle strength they need for crawling and walking.

Baby spinning the Spinning Rainbow from The Senser Play Kit

Spinning Rainbow

For babies 5-6 months old. An array of colors makes this spinner one that will motivate your baby to push up during tummy time, and continues to be fun as they grow and begin to practice sitting and reaching.

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Tummy time toys

Explore some of our most beloved tummy time toys for babies.

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What parents are saying

Baby with Tummy Time Wobbler

“She does tummy time for twice as long with no fussing now on her play gym because she has fun toys to play with.”

Jennifer D.

Baby with Tummy Time toys by Lovevery

"Our daughter now loves tummy time and we are playing more often without her being upset. She LOVES the mirror, rattle, rolling bell and the crinkle bag!! Thanks for making playtime so fun!"

Racquel R.

Baby with the Rainbow Spinner from The Senser Play Kit

"Great craftsmanship, the multiple textures keep our infant engaged throughout tummy time and more!"

Dirk N.

Our Lovevery family


Baby playing with the Tummy Time Wobbler from The Senser Play KitBaby doing Tummy Time while looking at the Wooden Book by LoveveryBaby doing tummy time on their mother's chestBaby doing tummy time on The Play Gym by Lovevery

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