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Lovevery’s Disability Support Service offers personalized guidance

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Lovevery’s mission is right in our name—we love every baby and child. Today I’m so proud to say that we’re further realizing that mission by better serving more families.

As you know, our Play Kits are staged by a child’s age. This works for many families, but I know firsthand that it’s not ideal for every child, especially children with disabilities and learning exceptionalities. 

Rob, Jessica, and Jessica’s daughter, Bea

My brother Rob has an intellectual disability. Growing up, I remember seeing how he lit up when he played and learned in ways that worked for him. The “right” play for Rob was never tied to his chronological age—it was about matching his specific abilities with his unique interests, like pouring water at the sink and reading picture books. Instead of an “age-based” approach, Rob thrives with a “skills-based approach.”

I’ve always wanted Lovevery to provide those “light up” moments for children who are developing on their own unique timelines…so today I have an announcement that’s incredibly special to me:

Lovevery is launching our new Disability Support Service!

How the Disability Support Service works

  • Next, the Specialist will suggest the perfect Playthings for your child. Your new Lovevery play essentials will include a customized Play Guide, with innovative ideas to engage your child.
  • If you’d like to subscribe, the Specialist will help you create a flexible, customized delivery schedule for your Play Kits. 
  • We invite you to keep in touch, and continue the conversation to build on your child’s progress.

Lovevery’s Disability Expert Council

To advise us as we launch this first phase, we’ve recruited a Disability Expert Council with clinical, academic, and lived experience of disability.

Lovevery’s Disability Expert Council: Destini Ann; Dr. Kate Barrett; Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L; Germaine Graham; Eileen Lamb; Dr. Fiona Moola; Dr. Vivian Oberling; Morénike Giwa Onaiwu, Ph.D.; Rebekah Taussig, Ph.D.

Lovevery’s Disability Support Specialist

I’m also thrilled to introduce our Disability Support Specialist, Maral Amani. Maral is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with deep knowledge of child development and a warm, compassionate approach.

Dr. Maral Amani, Lovevery’s Disability Support Specialist

Maral might suggest:

  • Sequencing Lovevery’s Let’s Map It Out Routine Cards from The Helper Play Kit to make a “transition path” for a 9-year-old child who’s on the autism spectrum and who thrives when she knows what to expect in her day
  • Creative ways to place the Black & White Card Sets in The Looker Play Kit to engage a 3-year-old child with a visual impairment 
  • Innovative pairings of Lovevery items, such as reading the ‘How I Feel’ book from The Explorer Play Kit while playing with the Wooden Emotion Dolls from The Observer Play Kit to engage a 6-year-old child’s interest as they work on emotional regulation and expressive language
  • How the Slide & Seek Ball Run from The Babbler Play Kit can help motivate a 5-year-old child with cerebral palsy to increase his hand dexterity and core strength through play

Each suggestion is customized to your child’s interests, goals, and abilities—a skills-centered approach that supports their development on their own unique timeline.

More Playthings, books, and resources to come

We know that thousands of families, therapists, and educators already use Lovevery Playthings to support children with disabilities, neurodiversity, and learning exceptionalities. In the future, we’ll be launching even more Playthings, books, and parent resources that are disability-focused. I’m excited that this service makes Lovevery accessible to even more families.


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Communications with Lovevery’s Disability Support Specialist do not create a provider-patient relationship and should not be considered, nor used as a substitute for, medical or therapeutic diagnosis, care, or advice. Please always defer to the guidance of your child’s doctor or licensed counselor or therapist.


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