5 - 6 Months

Fun developmental activities for babies: 5-6 Months

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We love sensory play because it helps your baby explore the world around them while making important connections in the brain. Around 5-6 months, your baby is tasting, mouthing, and feeling every single thing they can get their hands on to discover and utilize all their senses.


Baking Sheet with Water and Wobbler

We love baking sheets because you can use them for so many different sensory tummy time activities including this one.

Fill a baking sheet or shallow pan with water and place a floating object or toy in it. We love using our tummy time wobbler because it moves on its own, and capturing a moving toy is hard but exciting work.

First your baby’s eyes need to track the moving object, then their brain has to plan how they are going to get it, finally they have to anticipate when they are going to grab it. They also need plenty of neck, back, and shoulder strength to reach and get it. ⁣⁣Aren’t you exhausted just reading all of that?! It’s a tough workout for their brain and body.⁣

Why add water? Stimulating more senses during an activity encourages your baby’s brain to really focus and pay attention.

Balloon Kicking Play

Around 5 months, your little one is figuring out that their legs and feet are parts of their bodies. When they kick, they start to understand that their body can create noise or movement… a fun way to learn cause and effect!

They are also building important neck strength by tucking their chin to look down at their legs and feet. This “chin tuck” helps build important muscles needed for rolling over from back to side, and then eventually from their back to belly.⁣

This balloon kicking activity is a great way to strengthen gross motor skills. It also strengthens eye muscles to improve tracking, and helps develop concentration.

Tie a couple of helium-filled balloons loosely around your little one’s ankles and let them get comfortable. You can encourage them to start kicking by moving their legs for them and showing how the balloons move.⁣

Laundry Basket and Ribbon

Baby doing tummy time and looking into a laundry basket with tassels hanging down

Ribbons aren’t just for wrapping gifts! This super simple tummy time idea just requires you to tape ribbon to a laundry basket. Your little one can enjoy the different colors, sizes, and textures of the ribbons while building important muscles!

Sensory Bag

Toddler playing with a plastic bag filled with water and pom poms

We love repurposing zip lock bags for mess-free sensory activities. There are so many different ways to create sensory bags.

Just fill a bag with hair gel and pom poms, then tape all 4 edges down to the floor or table. Taping the edges down is optional. We like to do it to prevent any accidental bursts or opening of the bag.

Other items to use for sensory bags:

  • Ice
  • Oil, water, and food coloring
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Flour, water, and food coloring
  • Water and water beads
  • Paint
  • Cooked pasta

Sensory Bottle

Baby doing tummy time and looking at a water bottle filled with different colors

Sensory bottles are another mess-free way to stimulate your little one’s senses! Your little one will love staring at the different colors, watching various items move, grasping the bottle, or rolling the bottle back and forth.⁣

All you need to do is fill a clear plastic bottle with water, oil, and food coloring and let the mesmerizing begin. You can glue the lid to the bottle if you are concerned about the lid accidentally twisting off.

Other items to use for a sensory bottle:

  • Different types and colors of beads, buttons, or pom poms – separately or all together!
  • Uncooked pasta
  • Blue water and sea shells
  • Mini plastic eggs, water, and glitter
  • Water and water beads
  • Water and rainbow loom
  • Rice and various items to create a “find it” or “I spy” activity

We hope these ideas are a hit with your babies!


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