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4 ideas for no-floor, less fussy tummy time

Baby doing tummy time and looking at the Wooden Book by Lovevery

Tummy time builds the muscles and coordination needed for rolling over, crawling, reaching, and playing. If your baby seems to be getting tired or starts crying, it’s time for a break.

Check out these ideas for how to do tummy time if your baby isn’t loving the floor:

Tummy time on a table

Woman getting a babies attention while doing tummy time on the kitchen table
In photo: Rolling Bell from The Charmer Play Kit

Closely supervise your baby (with a hand on their back or very close by) doing tummy time on the counter or table. They might be more willing if you are face-to-face and they get a different view of the room.

On your chest

Baby doing tummy time on a woman's chest

Put your baby on your chest on their tummy, facing you, and softly talk to them to try to encourage them to lift their head. By two and a half months, your baby will likely be able to lift their head up enough so that they can see a little ahead of them (but not yet straight ahead).

On your thighs

Baby doing tummy time on a woman's lap looking at Black and White cards by Lovevery
In photo: Framed Mirror from The Charmer Play Kit

Put your baby on your thighs, belly-down, and gently rub their back. If you raise one of your legs higher than the other, they will be able to see a little more. Show them a high-contrast image and slowly move it upward to encourage them to lift their head.

Use an exercise ball

Baby doing tummy time on an exercise ball being supported by a woman

Try gently rolling your baby back and forth on an exercise ball. You may need to give it a couple of tries, as this kind of movement is a new feeling for your baby! Read our tummy time FAQs for expert advice on common tummy time concerns as well as Lovevery’s favorite tummy time toys.

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