13 - 15 Months

DIY Popsicle Stick Color Pockets

Colorful felt pockets and popsicle sticks

Children have an easier time understanding an object’s shape and use before they can comprehend color. So while your toddler might be able to place a triangle in the correct spot on a puzzle, they probably don’t know what color the triangle is.

An easy way to help your toddler differentiate between shape and color is to use identical objects that are different colors, like this DIY activity with popsicle sticks and felt pockets.⁠⠀

You will need popsicle sticks or anything similar, and pieces of felt. If you don’t have felt, you can use other colored fabric or construction paper.

The pockets can be created by using fabric glue along the edges of two felt squares. The popsicle sticks can be dyed with food coloring, painted, or colored with markers.

At first, your toddler may be more focused on putting the sticks in the pockets and pulling them out. That’s great! They are strengthening those fine motor skills.

Eventually, you’ll be able to hand your child a green popsicle stick and provide direction such as, “Can you place this stick that is green in the pocket that is green?”⁠

You can introduce this around 15 months, and it’s a great learning activity that grows with your little one.


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