7 - 8 Months

5 Easy Sensory Bottle Ideas

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Sensory play helps your baby explore the world around them while making important connections in the brain. We love sensory bottles because it’s a mess-free way to stimulate your little one’s senses.


1. Water Sensory Bottle: Water vs Ice

Fill two sensory bottles with water and freeze one of the bottles. That’s it! This can be an early lesson in opposites as well as exposure to the properties of water. But more importantly for babies, this will be fun to feel the cold of the frozen bottle and watch the water move around in the other.

Try adding food coloring for pops of color.

2. Confetti Sensory Bottle

If you have some confetti around, just throw a handful in a bottle and add water. It will be so fascinating to watch it move as they spin or rotate the bottle. Other craft items that can be used are beads, sequins, or really any handful of shiny/sparkly items.

3. Foamy Sensory Bottle

Fill a bottle 3/4 with water add any food coloring and/or some fine glitter. Then add about a 1/4 cup of dish soap. Shake it up!

4. Loom Band Sensory Bottle

If you aren’t familiar with loom bands, you have to try them out in sensory bottles and sensory bags. Loom bands are little multi-colored rubber bands that make a great sensory bottle because of the way they float and move in water.

5. Nature Sensory Bottle

Go on a nature walk with your baby and collect items to create a nature sensory bottle. We like using sand or dirt and some sticks. It’s fun to see and hear the sticks and sand shake together in the bottle. You can also add leaves, small pine cones, rocks, and more.

There are so many simple ways to make sensory bottles. More ideas to try include using oil and oil dye, then mixing with colored water to see how they separate and move around, water and water beads, small animals or toys with water, buttons, beans, dried pasta, and pom poms.

Another tip is to add baby oil or liquid soap to slow your sensory bottles down.


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