16 - 18 Months

The connection schema: putting things together and taking them apart

Toddlers love discovering how objects fit together and come apart—otherwise known as “connection” schema play. At age 1, this can look like attaching a bug to the Fuzzy Bug Shrub and pulling it off or stacking then knocking down a set of blocks. Even linking arms or holding hands as you cross the street is related to this schema ❤️

Connection also includes “disconnection”: pulling toys apart or knocking over a tower of blocks. 

5 ways to support your toddler’s love of connecting and taking apart

1. Cover a wall with sticky notes. Invite your toddler to rip them off, then show them how to stick them back on.

2. Provide threading activities. If your toddler is still learning how to put beads onto the thread of the Threadable Bead Kit, you can offer it to them pre-threaded or start it for them and let them finish. When they’re done, they’ll love letting the beads slide off and clatter to the floor.

3. Play with blocks. Blocks offer many opportunities for building and knocking over. Between 16 and 18 months, some toddlers are able to make a three-block tower—but they may want you to build something higher to topple.

4. Give them simple puzzles to solve. A puzzle with only circular pieces, like the Circle of Friends Puzzle, allows your toddler to focus on putting the pieces in the right place without needing to rotate them. Some toddlers may be more interested in dumping out the pieces than solving the puzzle 😉

5. Provide toys and objects that join or click together. Train tracks, magnetic tiles, locks and keys, ring stackers, and everyday items like plastic food storage containers with matching lids are all great options.


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