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Choosing the right potty for your toddler: potty chair vs. potty seat

If you search “toddler potty seat” online, you’ll see dozens of choices ranging from the simple to the elaborate. The first decision to make is whether to get a potty chair or a potty seat—both have pros and cons. Whatever option you choose should be easy to access and offer a sturdy place for your toddler to put their feet. 

When it comes to bells and whistles like music and flushing sounds, simpler is better. These extras could actually make your toddler feel overwhelmed when they’re trying to poop or pee. 

Start with one potty chair or seat that makes sense for your toddler and your space. You can always add a second one if you need it ❤️ 

Which potty is the right potty?

The classic floor potty chair. A simple standalone potty chair meets all of the basic criteria for comfort with the added benefit of being easy to move around. Pediatric physical therapists like these potty chairs because they can help your toddler get into the ideal position for peeing or pooping. Your toddler’s pelvic floor opens when their feet are firmly planted on the ground with their knees above their hips.

A potty training seat. A potty training seat, sometimes called a toilet ring, fits on your existing toilet. It makes the opening smaller and the seat more stable for small bodies. If your toddler is motivated by using the same toilet you use, this choice may support their efforts at being independent. And you can skip the transition from potty chair to toilet if your toddler starts on the toilet from the beginning. 

Not all seats are created equal. The best ones fit many different kinds of seat openings and have handles that your toddler can hold for stability when they’re trying to poop. If you choose this option, your toddler will need a sturdy footstool to use for climbing up and down and resting their feet. Some potty seats have a built-in step ladder, though getting up to the toilet on the narrow plastic step may be a struggle.


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