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Updated Lovevery Play Kits featuring larger, more complex developmental Playthings—plus, a new subscriber-only shop

The Babbler Play Kit by Lovevery
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After play studies, weeks of in-home testing, and thousands of customer surveys, we are excited to announce our updated Play Kits for one-year-olds. We’ve included fewer small items and books, but more of the large developmental toys Lovevery is known for ❤️

Here are the new Play Kits:

What is the Subscriber Shop?

The Subscriber Shop provides access either to the items in the prior versions of the Play Kits or to the new items in the updated kits. 

Anyone who received an updated Play Kit has access to purchase the original Playthings in The Subscriber Shop. After each Kit ships throughout this updated one-year-old subscription year, you will receive an email with a link to the Subscriber Shop. That shop will include additional items and books you can purchase from the prior versions of each Kit. We appreciate your patience over the coming weeks as we catch up to demand.

Subscriber Shop timeline

In a few months, when my child is ready for them, will I still be able to get the items that have been removed from these Kits? 

Yes. For example, if your child is 13 months old and you have been looking forward to receiving Quinn in the Companion Play Kit (22-24 months), you will have an opportunity to purchase the Quinn doll in the Subscriber Shop. After your Companion Kit ships, you will receive an email with access to the original Playthings. The Subscriber Shop is here to stay, and will continue to offer additional age-appropriate items from the prior versions of The Play Kits.  

Which Playthings and books are available for each Play Kit in the Subscriber Shop?

The Babbler: Months 13-15


  • ‘Bedtime for Zoe’ Board Book
  • Organic Bunnies in a Felt Burrow
  • Wooden Coin Bank Set


  • ‘Big & Little’ Mini Board Book
  • ‘Colorful Foods’ Board Book
  • ‘Messy & Clean’ Mini Board Book
  • Nesting Felt Baskets
  • Organic Cotton Rainbow Ball
  • Organic Cotton Watercolor Ball
  • Purple Felt Ball
  • Stella and Her Speedster
  • Where is Crew’s Shoe?’ Board Book

The Pioneer: Months 16-18


  • Community Garden Puzzle
  • Wooden Stacking Peg Board


  • Friends of All Shapes Puzzle
  • It’s Me! Mirror
  • Mouse in an Organic Cotton Sleep Sack
  • Organic Cotton Big Kid Ball
  • Simon Says Cube and Cards
  • ‘Things I Can Do’ Board Book

The Realist: Months 19-21


  • Bea Gets a Checkup’ Board Book
  • Count & Slide Ring Chute
  • Geo Shapes Puzzle


  • ‘Bedtime for Zoe’ Board Book
  • ‘Being Silly’ Mini Board Book
  • Community Garden Puzzle
  • Hide & Seek Balls
  • ‘Leo and Melody at the Farm’ Board Book
  • ‘Many & Few’ Mini Board Book
  • Wooden Stacking Peg Board

The Companion: 22-24


  • Wooden Posting Stand


  • Bea Gets a Checkup’ Board Book
  • Carry-Along Kit
  • Large Nesting Stacking Dripdrop Cups
  • Little Quinn

Is the Subscriber Shop here to stay?

Yes—we are so excited to offer this special option as a benefit to our subscribers moving forward. After each of your Play Kits ships, you will have exclusive access to the Lovevery Playthings and books you can’t find anywhere else ❤️

Can I buy multiples of an item in the Subscriber Shop? I wanted to have an extra copy of a book for grandma’s house. 

We’re so happy you’re excited about the products, and you are welcome to order one of each item—each item is limited to one per customer. This policy helps make sure as many Lovevery Play Kit subscribers have access to the Playthings and books in the Subscriber Shop as possible. 

Can I return to the same Subscriber Shop once I’ve ordered something?  

You can visit the Shop as many times as you like, but can only place an order once—you will no longer have access to the Subscriber Shop after you’ve placed your order. You can choose from products specific to your most recent Play Kit. Once your next one-year-old Play Kit ships, you will have access to the Subscriber Shop again to order Playthings specific to that Kit.

When will my items ship?

Ship dates for specific items vary based on inventory. For Playthings and books on backorder, the ship dates are indicated on the product page. Regardless of when your items ship, your card will be charged at checkout.

These updated Play Kits do look really cool. Can you tell me more about them?

We thoughtfully updated each Play Kit to provide a combination of stage-appropriate play essentials that your child will love. Each updated Play Kit prioritizes larger, wood-based Playthings with broader developmental value. As always, they’re designed in house with a team of child development experts, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

The Babbler: Months 13–15

What's inside The Babbler Play Kit by Lovevery
  • Slide and Seek Ball Run: Balls roll down and disappear into a wooden box—a fun lesson in object permanence
  • Bunnies in a Felt Burrow: Practice bilateral coordination and containment with a set of sweet furry friends
  • Flexible Wooden Stacker: Learn how things fit together with these colorful stacking rings
  • Circles of Friends Puzzle: A series of circles is the right challenge for your toddler at this stage
  • Wooden Coin Bank and Coins: Manipulating wooden coins into the slot is a fine motor activity your child will obsess over
  • Carrot Lid with Carrots for the Wooden Coin Bank: Planting, posting, and picking for visual spatial practice and pretend play
  • Posting Lid for the Wooden Coin Bank: Use household items like Q-Tips® to challenge your toddler’s fine motor precision and persistence
  • ‘Bedtime for Zoe’ Board Book: Ease into bedtime—an introduction to routine, sequence, and time
  • Play Guide for Months 13, 14, 15: Ideas for how to play during this stage, backed by all the research you don’t have time to read

The Pioneer: Months 16–18

What's inside The Pioneer Play Kit by Lovevery
  • Race & Chase Ramp: Explore motion and direction with our unique side-by-side racing ramp
  • Community Garden Puzzle: Practice pincer grasp and orient organic shapes; your child’s first nature puzzle
  • ‘Max and Nana Go to the Park’ Board Book: What happens when you get hurt? A story about learning to process and manage emotions
  • Threadable Bead Kit: Challenge your toddler to practice using both hands with this fun fine motor activity
  • Drawstring Bag: An organic cotton bag for keeping the bead kit tidy
  • Wooden Stacking Peg Board: Fit small objects into small spaces while building colorful towers
  • Fuzzy Bug Shrub: Coordinate both hands to pull, stick, and hide the Velcro critters
  • Play Guide for Months 16, 17, 18: Ideas for how to play during this stage, backed by all the research you don’t have time to read

The Realist: Months 19–21

What's inside The Realist Play Kit by Lovevery
  • The Lockbox: Tinkering with mechanical thinking all on their own—and perfectly portable for problem-solving with little hands
  • Count & Slide Ring Chute: How many rings go in before one slides down?
  • Geo Shapes Puzzle: A 3-D puzzle to practice cradling and nesting complex shapes
  • ‘Bea Gets a Checkup’ Board Book: Going to the doctor can be fun—as long as we’re prepared!
  • Quilted Critter Pockets: Matching and tucking the organic cotton critters takes focus, dexterity, and tenacity
  • Really Real Flashlight: The perfect size for indoor and outdoor exploration
  • Grooved Pitcher & Glass: A Montessori classic we’ve perfected—pouring practice helps develop hand and eye control
  • Play Guide for Months 19, 20, 21: Ideas for how to play during this stage, backed by all the research you don’t have time to read

The Companion: Months 22–24

What's inside The Companion Play Kit by Lovevery
  • Wooden Posting Stand: A 3-D puzzle to encourage hand-eye coordination and build problem-solving strategies
  • Mosaic Button Board: Work on fine motor strength while making three-dimensional art
  • ‘Graham Turns Two’ Board Book: Help make sense of the big feelings that come with turning two
  • Transfer Tweezers & Felt Stars: Pick up these felt stars—a fine motor pincer activity
  • Montessori Animal Match: A Montessori sorting game for learning about similarities and differences
  • Drawstring Bag: An organic cotton bag for putting away the animals and wood tiles
  • The Buckle Barrel: Keep busy with no-pinch buckles while building hand strength and practicing bilateral coordination on this organic pillow
  • Chunky Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle: A puzzle that’s easy to hold—and a challenge to solve
  • Play Guide for Months 22, 23, 24: Ideas for how to play during this stage, backed by all the research you don’t have time to read

What is your process for updating the Play Kits?

Customer feedback is central to our product and Play Kit updates. Both quantitative and qualitative data—as well as in-home play studies—inform our design process.

Quantitative Data: Thousands of survey responses from subscribers inspired our one-year-old Play Kit update. Look for a survey in your email after every fourth Play Kit; we would love to hear what you think. 

Qualitative Data: Prior to COVID-19, Lovevery CEO Jessica Rolph and our Senior Director of Customer Experience visited both current and former subscribers in several major cities. They asked parents what their children were enjoying most about the products, how they used the Play Guides, and which activities they loved best. Through this process, we learned how subscribers felt about their child’s at-home learning with Lovevery. Overall, the feedback supported moving away from a collection of smaller items and books towards fewer, larger Playthings spanning broader development windows.

Play Studies: As we considered these insights, we worked with our product design team and child development experts to update some of the items in the Play Kits. We created prototypes in our Boise office and conducted numerous play studies with local families in their homes. To ensure that the challenge was at just the right level, we analyzed videos of children playing and noted how the test items helped develop their skills. Prototypes were refined again and again through many rounds of play study testing. 

I want to be sure you hear my feedback. How can I help be a part of this process?

We are developing a customer panel and would love to have you join us. We will be reaching out to subscribers in the coming weeks over email and social media. 

Are you going to continue to update The Play Kits?

We are constantly working to improve our products—we are listening to you and grateful for your feedback on product surveys. We also know that you would like advance notice about changes to the Play Kits; we are committed to letting you know prior to launching updated Kits. 


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