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5 reasons to gift a Lovevery subscription this holiday season

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New York Magazine, Wired, and The Skimm have put Lovevery’s stage-based Play Kit subscriptions on their holiday gift lists. Here are five reasons to consider putting one on yours. 

It’s meaningful

Toys with flashing lights and loud noises can offer immediate gratification for babies and young children, but they also tend to shut down opportunities for problem-solving and imaginative play. Child development experts design Lovevery’s stage-based Play Kits to support brain development with open-ended playthings that make the most of children’s natural curiosity and interests. The Play Kits are tested and refined in partnership with real families to ensure that while each plaything promotes learning and growth, it’s also engaging and lasting.

It’s sustainable

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Because young children are the focus of Lovevery, we are committed to making our products in a way that respects the world they will inherit. Lovevery playthings are made with organic cotton and bioplastics, as well as other eco-friendly materials. Efficient packaging reduces waste, and Lovevery offsets 100% of carbon emissions, from the factory to your home. 

It’s minimalist

Let’s face it, for many parents, holiday gifting can stir up anxiety as well as joy: how to limit the number of gifts, how to set loving boundaries with well-meaning relatives, and how to choose gifts with lasting appeal. Too many choices can overwhelm young children, so Lovevery’s Play Kits have been pared back to essentials that will engage them as they grow. They also feature clean lines, bright watercolor patterns, and natural materials that look beautiful in any family room.

It’s continuous

A Lovevery subscription delivers a new Play Kit every 2 to 3 months. Playthings are designed to encourage open-ended play, which means they can take on new meaning as your child grows. Some activities will immediately capture your child’s interest and be mastered quickly, while others may take a while to catch on. Developmental windows can last well beyond the two or three months before your next Kit arrives, so discovery and skill development are continuous.

More than 40 publications have recommended Lovevery Play Kits in their holiday gift guides because they’re developed by experts, featuring quality design and construction. Each Play Kit includes a Play Guide, with information about how your child’s brain is developing at that stage and the best ways to play.


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