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Pioneer Play Kit renaming—letter from Lovevery CEO Jessica Rolph

The Pioneer Play Kit

March 11, 2022

In the coming months, our Play Kit for ages 16 to 18 months will be renamed The Adventurer. Previously, we had described this stage in a toddler’s life by calling this Play Kit ‘The Pioneer.’ I’d like to share my reasons for changing the name. 

Recently, one of our employees flagged that the term ‘Pioneer’ is not seen as positive, or even neutral, for every community we serve. We recognize that for Indigenous peoples, and those who have been impacted by colonization, the term idealizes only one side of a complicated history. Changing the name of this Play Kit is a small shift that I hope can help more families feel included and respected.

While symbolic actions such as name changes are one way to demonstrate respect, Lovevery is committed to supporting and amplifying the calls to action of Native American and First Nations communities in concrete ways.

We have: 

  • Increased representation of Native American stories by creating the book ‘Adela Comes Home, in partnership with leader Nikki Pitre and her family, and gifted copies of the book to the children in the Coeur d’Alene Tribe.
  • Gifted Playthings for each classroom, and books for each child, in the Shoshone-Bannock Early Childhood Program, in grateful acknowledgement that Lovevery’s headquarters are located on the traditional and ancestral lands of the Shoshone and Bannock Tribes.
  • Discussed Residential Schools and shared an Indigenous book list on the Lovevery blog, guided by author Wab Kinew.
  • Supported education in Indigenous communities by making a donation to First Nations Child & Family Caring Society.   
  • Committed to increased representation of Native American children and families with other Playthings and books currently in development.
  • Ensured that our Sustainability Goals are on track to protect the land, water, air, and other natural resources that we use.

Since we currently have a certain number of existing Play Kits in our inventory, we are prioritizing environmental responsibility by using that stock before the newly-named Adventurer Play Kits begin shipping to homes.

At 16 to 18 months of age, many toddlers are busy learning, exploring, and moving headlong into new experiences. We think ‘The Adventurer’ is the perfect name to describe children at this active and exciting age!  

Thank you for engaging in these important issues with us and for welcoming Lovevery into your home.




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