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Lovevery introduces new app for parents

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Stage-Based Play & Activities for Your Child’s Developing Brain, Ages 0–12 Months

We’re so excited to introduce our new Lovevery App, free and available to Play Kit subscribers 🎉 

While you’ve been playing, we’ve been listening. We heard that you wanted more access to quick tips, our experts, activities, and digital Play Guides. You—like so many parents—were asking us, “How do I know if my baby is on track?” “How can I support my baby’s language development? Keep them happy in tummy time? Help them sleep? Encourage their curiosity? Make sure they’re an adventurous eater?” “How should I introduce the playthings in The Play Kits?”

And so…we created an app, just for you. We know there’s so much information out there, and it can be overwhelming. We made sure to bring you just the info you want, at just the right time with every activity, article, and feature. While the app is available for ages 0–12 months right now, we’re excited to expand the app experience to match all of our Play Kits (stay tuned!).

The Lovevery App brings whole new meaning to our mission to give families a support system for a brighter future. We hope it inspires more informed, confident parenting as you make the most of this special time with your little one 💜

A Closer Look at Our App for Parents  👀

Expert Q & A

This is big. Our Expert Q & A feature is really like having child development experts in your pocket. Submit your questions to our expert team and receive quick, thoughtful, and personalized responses—or browse FAQs in categories like sleep, feeding, and brain development.


Hundreds of them! Our Activities section was inspired by a Digital Play Guide and includes helpful videos with our experts to walk you through how to make the most of your Play Kits. We always include easy-to-read instructions and plenty of DIY ideas for more at-home learning.

My Baby

We’ve all wondered, “Should my baby be able to do _____ by now?” The app’s “My Baby” feature breaks it all down by developmental stage so you can learn about the expected ranges when your baby’s cognitive, motor, social emotional, and communication skills may emerge. 


The “Today” tab will greet you when you open the app. We know you’re busy, so we kept “Today” simple with new bite-size posts to explore. You’ll find fresh articles, activities, and tips that are specific to your baby’s stage. We prioritize the ideas you want for that exact time—and skip the endless scroll—so you can focus on time with your baby.


My child is older than 12 months. Will I be able to access the app? Not yet. Our team is working to expand the app to match all of our Play Kits. Be sure to give us your email here, and we’ll keep you in the loop when the app is ready for your child’s age. 

How much does the app cost?

Access to the app is included in your Play Kit subscription for ages 0–12 months at no additional cost 🙌🏻

The “Expert Q & A” looks so cool. How does it work?

Our “Ask an Expert” feature gives you quick and personalized responses to your parenting questions. When you input a question, our team of established experts will review and respond within the app. Other parents in our community can benefit from your question, too: we may post your question and response (but we’ll never share your name or any sensitive information). In the Expert Q & A, you can also browse questions from other parents who have already asked questions that are top of mind for you. 

Does the app replace the printed Play Guide that I got with my Play Kit? 

The Lovevery App “Activities” tab was inspired by The Play Guide. This section of the app goes deeper into developmental play, guided by experts. Both the printed Play Guide and The Lovevery App will help you make the most of each stage.

Is The Lovevery App for my child or for me?

The Lovevery App is for parents and caregivers (not your little one 💕). We hope what you learn with the app helps you and your child connect through playtime.

Is the app available on iOS (iPhone) and Android?

The Lovevery App is available on iOS (iPhone) right now, and we are working to make it available to Android users in 2022.

Is the app available on iOS (iPhone) and Android?

The Lovevery App is available on iOS (iPhone) right now, and we are working to make it available to Android soon. To stay in the loop about when The Lovevery App is available to Android, give us your email here.

Can you tell me more about the topics you cover in The Lovevery App?

  • Brain Development 
    • Includes: Knowledge, Memory, Problem-solving, Executive Function
  • Family
    • Includes: Introducing a New Baby, Sibling Relationships, Family Life 
  • Feeding
    • Includes: Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, Feeding Schedules, Drinking from a Cup, Introducing Solids
  • Communication
    • Includes: Language Skills, Introducing Words, Reading, Literacy, Baby Sign Language 
  • Motor Skills
    • Includes: Physical Development, Movement, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills
  • Parent Life
    • Includes: Self Care, Relationships, Adjusting to Parenthood, Postpartum Depression or Anxiety 
  • Play
    • Includes: Tummy Time, Floor Time, Independent Play, Play Activities, Developmental Activities 
  • Sleep
    • Includes: Sleep Training, Bedtime Routines, Frequent Waking
  • Social-Emotional
    • Includes: Social Play, Emotional Development, Separation Anxiety, Stranger Anxiety
  • Health
    • Baby Care, Wellness Visits, Pediatricians

How can I tell you about other topics I’d like to see in the app?

We’d love to hear what topics you’d most like to learn about. DM our Cofounder and CEO Jessica Rolph on Instagram at @jessicarolph

Why is The Lovevery App only available to Play Kit subscribers? 

Our app is available to our Play Kits subscribers because together they create a better, deeper play experience. The app includes Digital Play Guides to make the most of The Play Kits and video how-tos on ways to play with each Plaything. 

How long will I have access to the app?

While The Lovevery App covers ages 0–12 months, you’ll have access to the app as your child grows. We hope you’ll continue to be inspired by the activity ideas and Expert Q & A as your child revisits and repurposes their Play Kits 🧠

I’m not a Play Kits subscriber, but I’m interested in the activities and app. How can I have access?

We’re so glad you’re excited about the app. Right now, it’s only available for our Play Kits subscribers because it complements the Play Kits experience. You can learn more about The Play Kits—and find the perfect Play Kit for your child’s stage—here

If you’re interested in a Lovevery App experience without a Play Kits subscription, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know by emailing mobile@lovevery.com

I was a Play Kits subscriber for my first child, and I kept The Play Kits for my new baby. Can I access the app?

We’re so glad your family’s been enjoying—and growing with—The Play Kits. Please contact our Customer Experience Team, and we’ll be happy to consider your request for access. Get in touch here.

Can other people in my child’s life—a partner, caregiver, or family member—have access to the app, too?

Yes, they can. We hope The Lovevery App supports your child’s playtime with any lucky someone who’s a part of their life 🧡  They won’t have a unique login—please use your same login info for access. 

I have a Play Kits subscription, but I don’t have a Lovevery account. How can I login to the app?

No problem. You can access the app by making an account using the email you used when purchasing your subscription 👍

What happens if I cancel my Play Kits subscription?

The app is for active Play Kit subscribers because the app and The Play Kits work together to help you make the most of every stage.


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