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What’s the Best Type of Parenting Style of Philosophy For You?

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Jessica Rolph is joined by Veronica Fernandez, who talks about how she takes advice from various parenting approaches and incorporates the best from each. Veronica discusses philosophies such as Montessori, RIE, and attachment parenting. She also shares with us ways to introduce bilingualism to babies and the benefits of it. 

Dr. Veronica Fernandez is a new mom, with a Ph.D. in Developmental and Child Psychology, with a focus on bilingual education. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:35] Veronica shares her journey from preschool to Ph.D.

[3:38] How to incorporate different philosophies in parenting your baby. 

[5:23] Veronica shares how she used the Montessori philosophy to create a prepared environment for her newborn baby.

[6:19] The essence of the Montessori approach.

[8:33] The Montessori approach characterizes by giving children the chance of manipulating materials such as glass.

[9:38] The RIE Method is about respectful parenting.

[13:45] Being in physical proximity to a child is always beneficial. 

[14:11] What does not resonate with Veronica about Attachment parenting?

[17:19] When the focus is on playing and interaction, the opportunities for teaching will show up spontaneously.

[18:56] Be present and playful in your interactions with children

[19:13] Introducing a second language to babies

[20:05] Children learn more by exposure than to intentional teaching. 

[21:58] The benefits of bilingualism.


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