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Velcro dot craft sticks

Toddler putting a popsicle stick into a container

Sticking and unsticking things is engaging and enticing for toddlers, especially when it comes with the satisfying sound that Velcro* makes. Posting (sticking something into a hole just the right size) is also a great toddler activity that supports precision and focus. This DIY craft activity has endless possibilities, can be taken on car trips, and can be stored easily for future use—and it supports multiple developmental skills as well.

Here’s how to make velcro dot craft sticks:

  • Gather together a cardboard box (cylinders work best, like an oatmeal container) and a supply of craft sticks and Velcro dot stickers.
  • Start by placing a dot sticker at both ends of each stick (on the same side), “hooks” at one end and “loops” at the other.
  • Give two sticks to your child and see if they can connect them—if they struggle, show them which parts stick together. They may want to spend some time exploring the Velcro; it can be a very satisfying thing to do over and over again.
  • Cut a small opening in the top of the box—wide enough for a stick with stickers on it to fit—and show your child how to “post” the sticks through. When they sticks are all in, take the top off and let your toddler dump them all out!
  • Give them more sticks and let them play; they can make roads, patterns, and 3-dimensional creations.
  • You can add more stickers to the craft sticks: a third one in the middle, and some on the back.

Velcro dot stickers can be found online here, and colorful craft sticks here.


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