13 - 15 Months

Pom poms and tubes

Toddler putting a ball through paper towel rolls that are taped to the wall

Dropping a pom pom into an opening requires a variety of skills from a child, from lining up their hand with the opening to knowing when and how to open their fingers to release. Getting the pom poms to fit into the tubes is fun for toddlers, and they’ll enjoy seeing them reappear when they come out the bottom!

  • Start saving the cardboard cylinders from toilet paper, paper towels, and other packaging. Anything light and tube-like works for this activity as well.
  • Gather together a collection of multicolored craft pom poms; having various sizes isn’t a must, but makes the activity even more fun.
  • Tape your tubes onto the wall at a good height for your child, creating a series of ramps for your child to drop pom poms into (like a marble run)—use a box, basket, or egg carton top to collect the pom poms as they drop through. Have fun making various designs, and consider using other cardboard shapes to guide the pom poms as they roll, drop, and fall. You can also give your child other small objects to drop down the ramps and chutes.
  • Move the tubes around to keep your child engaged. You can also try to create one long, continuous tube (or include some gaps for a challenge) and have your child stand on a chair—while you spot them!—and send pom poms on their long journey to the floor.


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