13 - 15 Months

Pom pom and pitcher sensory bin

Young child using a cup to scoop up colorful pom poms

Young children often love the feel of different textures. Sensory bins of all kinds allow them to explore different materials with their hands—in this case, pom poms that can be squeezed, rolled, bunched, tossed, and poured with a pitcher.  

Here’s how to create your own pom pom sensory bin:

  • Gather a small tub, some pom poms, and a small pitcher. If you have the Grooved Pitcher from the Realist Play Kit, the tilted lip makes pouring even easier.
  • Fill up the tub with pom poms and set it down in front of your child—encourage them to get their hands in there!
  • If they’re hesitant, demonstrate some of the many ways to play with pom poms: see how many can fit in a hand, scoop and pour, squeeze and release.
  • Add other tools to the bin, like tweezers, tongs, muffin tins, cups, water bottles, and jars.


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