19 - 21 Months

Pipe cleaners and Wiffle Balls

Toddler playing a DIY activity

“Posting” is a child development term used to describe fitting objects into an opening of corresponding size. It’s great for practicing hand-eye coordination and fine-motor precision, and requires some patience and perseverance. In this activity, colorful, bendable pipe cleaners fit into Wiffle balls for all kinds of posting (and threading) fun.


Gather together a few Wiffle balls—or any perforated balls, like small practice golf Wiffle balls—and some pipe cleaners. At a table or on the ground, show your child how to fit the end of a pipe cleaner into a hole in one of the balls.

To extend the activity, consider these ideas:

  • Fit one end in, bend the pipe cleaner, and fit its other end into the same ball.
  • Try to thread a pipe cleaner all the way through a ball—this requires your child to use two hands and close concentration to line up both holes and carefully slide the pipe cleaner through.
  • Connect several balls together with multiple pipe cleaners.
  • Play pretend by giving the balls hair, eyes, ears, and other features! You can also make the balls into animals; try a dog with four legs and a tail, or an eight-legged spider.


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