13 - 15 Months

DIY ball chute box

Toddler putting a ball in a cardboard box

By 13 months, your child may start to follow the path of a moving ball even when it’s out of sight—and look for where it should be coming out. In this activity, which repurposes a cardboard box, your child’s evolving understanding of object permanence is combined with a fun DIY ball-rolling activity.

Here’s how to make your own ball chute box:

  • Find a large cardboard box (preferably a long one) and a box cutter, and collect a handful of balls that roll well.
  • Cut a few holes out of the top of the box large enough for the balls to fit through. If you don’t have a box cutter, you can use a handsaw, a kitchen knife, or some sturdy scissors.
  • Prop up the box against a couch or other furniture, so one end is off the ground and the floor end is open. You can also prop the lower end up over a basket to collect the balls as they come sliding out.
  • Give your child a ball and encourage them to drop it into a hole—when it comes out, have them get it and try a different hole.
  • Have a “race” between two balls dropped into neighboring holes! You can also see just how far the balls roll when they exit the bottom of the box.
  • Try setting the box up in different places and at different angles.


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