3 - 4 Months

Endless fun with a sensory bag

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Sensory play is a blast—but it can get messy. When you just can’t face another major cleanup for the sake of sensory exploration, these bags are a great way to let you little one explore without any mess. Here’s how:

Fill a zip lock plastic bag with different items, tape down all 4 edges of the bag to the floor or table, and let your baby explore. 

Your baby will love squishing the bag while moving around its contents. They may even try to mouth the bag (and that’s ok—this is a major way they explore the world). This sensory activity will help them learn more about the world around them, the way things move, and how they feel.

You can start an activity like this around 6 months when your little one can reach and use their hands. It’s a fun activity to continue through their first year!


Pom poms and hair gel

Buttons and Hair Gel

Pumpkin Seeds



You can also try shaving cream mixed with food coloring, marbles, slime, and coins. Be sure to always supervise your child when they’re playing with their bags!


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