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Cracking eggs with your child

Toddler cracking an egg into a mixing bowl in the kitchen

Cracking eggs takes a bit of training, but it’s a great Montessori practical life activity you can start around 3 years old. Kids love to practice tapping the eggs on a hard surface, breaking them open with their thumbs, and later crushing the shells with a mortar and pestle.

What you need

  • Some eggs you can dedicate to the project—plan to cook the cracked eggs within about 24 hours
  • Two bowls—one for the eggs and the other for the shells; preferably one with a hard “sharpish” edge
  • A whisk or fork
  • Mortar and pestle if you have one for grinding the shells

Some tips

  • Plan on using at least 6 eggs to give your child enough practice
  • Portion out the eggs you are going to use and leave them in the carton (your child will love to take them out of the carton like you do) 
  • Incorporate math learning by counting the eggs, then counting them again after your child takes each one away to crack
  • Show your child the two bowls and demonstrate how to tap the egg; they might be more timid on this step so hand-over-hand can help⁠
  • Show them how to use their two little thumbs to put pressure on the crack and pull the shell apart⁠
  • Designate one bowl for shells and a second one for the eggs –a wet cloth is handy for wiping hands ⁠
  • Be prepared to fish out the shells⁠
  • For more fun, have your child crush the shells with a mortar and pestle after they’re done cracking them


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