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Copy that monster

Side by side drawings of a doodle

“Copy that monster” is a fun game for two or more people that involves drawing a “monster” and describing it in detail so your partner (or partners) can recreate it as closely as possible. Watch 5-year-old Alice explain the game:

With younger children, you can do this more simply. With a three-year-old, you could draw a circle with two dots in the middle, and that’s it—that’s your monster! Depending on what your child is comfortable with, you can add arms, legs, hair, and other basic features. Or make it more impressionistic 🖼

This is a great game not only for precise drawing practice, but it’s an exercise in using descriptive words; it can help identify body parts, describe colors and textures, and (maybe most importantly) is a hilarious and silly way of passing the time with basic materials.

A toddler with a marker in their hand drawing on paper


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