11 - 12 Months

Contact Paper Art

Baby playing with contact paper that's attached to a glass door

This fun activity is great rain or shine! You just need clear Contact paper, painter’s tape, and construction paper.

Contact paper is sticky on one side, so be sure to hang the sticky side out. You can hang it on a door, wall, or on the floor. We stuck ours to a sliding glass door.

Tape it onto a surface with painter’s tape. Then let your little one stick construction paper shapes onto it! We cut out letters, shapes, and numbers for our little ones to use. You can also add pom poms, cotton balls, ribbons, yarn, or pipe cleaners.

We recommend this around 11-12 months and is a fun choice through toddlerhood. This encourages fine motor and gross skills, builds core strength, strengthens hand-eye coordination, and improves grasping skills.

Let the sticking begin!


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