31 - 33 Months

Bedazzle your sunglasses (and other accessories)

Young child wearing glasses decorated with pipe cleaners

Sometimes when you’re stuck indoors with young kids, for hours on end, creativity can strike at a moment’s notice. If you have a pair of kid sunglasses and some pipe cleaners, you have all you need for a DIY bedazzling project—and you can make the sunglasses from scratch if need be.

Other accessories—watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets—are all fair game.


  • Find a pair of kid sunglasses, or make your own. You can use pipe cleaners or moldable wire to make the basic shape, leaving the lens part open. If you have an old pair of glasses you no longer need, pop the lenses out.
  • Colorful pipe cleaners make this project vibrant, silly, and delightfully gaudy. At the time of writing they are still available here, and on craft stores online.
  • Have your child pick an assortment of favorite colors, and get bedazzling! They may need your help twisting the pipe cleaners tightly around the frames, but this is also an opportunity to give them the materials and let them go with it.
  • Look for other accessories to brighten, and show them off on a walk around the neighborhood 😎


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