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Meet the Sensory Switchboard, brand new to The Thinker Play Kit for months 11 and 12

By 11 to 12 months of age, most babies are fascinated by cause and effect—which is why they love to push buttons and switch lights on and off 🙃 The Sensory Switchboard, a brand-new addition to The Thinker Play Kit, taps into this natural interest, offering a variety of interactive buttons and switches for your child to explore. 

Cause and effect in action
The Sensory Switchboard includes three distinct switches that each create a unique real-world effect. When your child pushes the green button, a green disc pops up. And when they flip the blue switch, a blue disc appears. This shows your child that each action has its own distinct outcome—and how they can have an impact on their environment. 

Full-range fine motor play 
The Sensory Switchboard is designed to help your toddler develop fine motor strength and dexterity for practical skills, like holding a fork, squeezing a spray bottle, and using buttons and zippers. The switches vary in difficulty and give your child practice with a range of hand and finger movements. The first simple button encourages your child to isolate their index finger, an important precursor to pointing. The second switch is a toggle that involves fine motor coordination, while the third and most advanced switch twists, requiring a full-hand motion. Repeating these movements over and over again can lead to more precision over time.  

Sensory integration without sensory overload
Unlike a real switchboard, the Sensory Switchboard doesn’t light up or make sounds—but that’s by design. Instead, it provides sensory input without flashing lights and manufactured noises that can be distracting or overwhelming for a child. Playing with the Sensory Switchboard helps your baby link specific finger movements to certain visual cues, strengthening the sensory integration of touch and vision. 

This update was made with you and your child in mind. Our Play Kits for toddlers help your child practice, refine, and grow key developmental skills with unique playthings that are interactive and engaging ❤️ We are happy to offer $18 toward the Sensory Switchboard to subscribers who received the previous version of The Thinker Play Kit  within the last 60 days.  Please check your email for access to the Sensory Switchboard in our Subscriber Shop.

Why we update our products
At Lovevery, we’re always listening and learning, so we can continue to innovate our award-winning Play Kits. Each new plaything is developed through numerous play studies, weeks of in-home testing, and many customer surveys. We learn the most from you—and the hundreds of thousands of families who bring Lovevery products into their homes. Thank you for welcoming us into yours.


Q: How can I purchase this new item? 

A: If you purchased The Thinker Play Kit in the last 60 days, you should have received an email inviting you to access the Subscriber Shop. If you fall into this group but didn’t receive an email, please reach out to our Customer Experience team.

Q: Can I still access the Subscriber Shop if I received the previous version of The Thinker Play Kit more than 60 days ago? 

A: At this time, the Sensory Switchboard is available to subscribers most directly affected by this update. If your child was still between 11 and 12 months when The Thinker Play Kit was updated and you didn’t receive an email, please reach out to our Customer Experience team.

Q: Are you going to continue to update the Play Kits? 

A: We are constantly working to improve our products, which may result in periodic Play Kit updates. While these Play Kit updates may include exciting new products, minor improvements to playthings are also occasionally made to optimize the play experience. For example, we may update images, improve materials for sensory play, and make minor dimension adjustments.


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