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What is a B Corp? The Lovevery example

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We heard from a lot of you that you weren’t really sure what it means to be a Certified B Corporation. In celebration of B Corp Month (and because we’re a little nerdy around here), we’ll break down our B Corp score to give an example of how it all works.

A B Corp meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. 

To be a certified B Corp, a business needs to score at least 80 points by an outside certification group, B Lab, that measures a company’s social and environmental impact. The median score for an ordinary business is 50.9. Lovevery earned a total score of 86.3

5 important factors for B Corps

So what went into our score? Companies are evaluated in 5 categories:

  1. Workers

Lovevery cares for the well-being of its employees with a comprehensive healthcare plan, a retirement plan, flexible parental leave, and a majority of employees are paid a family living wage.

  1. Community

Lovevery supports its community by working with purpose-driven and third-party-certified suppliers, creating products and practices that prioritize inclusion and equity, giving back to our local and global community, and maintaining a growth rate that encourages global economic development.

  1. Environment

Lovevery protects the environment by measuring and offsetting emissions from our business operations, sourcing 100% renewable energy for our headquarter’s office, integrating sustainability in our company culture, sourcing responsible and innovative product materials, and collaborating with partners to accelerate climate change solutions.

  1. Governance

Lovevery prioritizes governance by acting on its mission to support families, through its delivery on The Lovevery Commitment, and work to ensure equity, inclusion, and access.

  1. Customers

Lovevery cares about its customers by advocating for healthy early childhood development; crafting quality and sustainable products for our customers; creating ethical marketing, data privacy, and security practices; serving families with a support system for early learning; and maintaining open, two-way communication with our customers.

We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation. We’re committed to you, to our planet, and to our global community—and our work is never done.


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