3 - 4 Months

Your Baby’s Physical Development: 3-4 Months

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Around 4 months, your little one has left the newborn stage and entered a world of new physical development.

Tummy time continues to be important. Their hands start to open up. They are building the muscles to set their bodies up for rolling. Their leg wiggles are starting to turn into kicks. And they are building core strength now to be able to sit up later.

Jessica Rolph (Lovevery Co-Founder and CEO) and Rachel Coley (Licensed Occupational Therapist and Founder of Cando Kiddo) cover all the important topics that parents wonder most about during this stage.

How to keep tummy time interesting

  • Understanding where your baby is at physically can help you make tummy time as fun as possible
  • Tips to help your baby feel successful and less frustrated

What tummy time should look like at this stage

  • Responsive and respectful tummy time
  • The right amount of tummy time each day


  • The different stages of rolling
  • What babies need to work on to help with rolling


  • Why kicking play is so important
  • Tips and activities to encourage kicking

Sitting Up

  • When to know if your baby is ready to sit up
  • Baby gear during this stage


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