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Why does my toddler hate certain clothes?

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If you notice that your toddler seems sensitive to certain kinds of clothes (snug fitting, tags, certain textures), some simple adjustments can make a big difference, says Rachel Coley, a pediatric occupational therapist.

5 ways to help your toddler if they have sensory issues with clothing

  1. Remove tags and consider other sensory friendly clothing. Many toddlers dislike the feeling of tags or the seam on their sock, so finding clothes without them can sometimes be a simple fix. You can also try clothes that fit more (or less) snugly, as pressure is also very personal to every toddler.
  2. Don’t force your toddler into clothing they don’t want. This is a tough one—there are times when you simply need your toddler to be dressed a certain way. As much as you can, however, try to give them another option—forcing them into clothes now can make any sensory aversion even worse.
  3. Take extra time when dressing them. When you’re able, take a few extra minutes to dress your toddler slowly. Try to be calm, go slow, and tell your toddler what you’re doing: “I’m putting your socks on now, then we’ll get your shoes on.”
  4. Give your child some naked time. Lots of toddlers love the feeling of being naked, even if they don’t mind the feeling of clothing on their skin. Offer your child some clothes-free time; over time, this can help satisfy their need to be naked enough to tolerate clothes a little more.
  5. Encourage them to try again. Though you don’t want to force your child into clothing they don’t like, it’s still important to give them opportunities to try. Some sensory preferences can be desensitized with time and lots of exposure. 


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