5 - 6 Months

When do babies know their name?

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Between 5 and 7 months, some babies begin to recognize and respond to their name. This is a big cognitive leap for your baby: they’re starting to comprehend more of what you say to them ❤️

They’re also learning that when you say their name, you’re talking about them. Name recognition is a sign of your baby’s developing sense of self. At this age, they may pause and look up or turn and look in your direction when they hear their name. As they get older, they may smile or babble in response. 

Tips to encourage name recognition

Repeat their name often. Use your baby’s name frequently throughout the day. For example, during mealtime, you can say, ‘Emilia, look—these are carrots! Here comes the spoon, Emilia! You can also use it during a game of peekaboo: “Where’s Emilia? There she is!”

Be consistent. Use the name you plan to call your child every time, whether it’s their given name or a nickname—and ask other family members and caregivers to do the same. 

Use a high-pitched tone. Animated speech attracts your baby’s attention, while an affectionate tone and warm facial expressions help them connect their name with positive feelings ❤️


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