9 - 10 Months

The fine motor skill babies love (and parents sometimes hate)

Baby playing with a Lovevery toy

Between 9 and 10 months, many babies start learning how to release, or drop, objects from their grip in a controlled and purposeful way. While this new fine motor skill can be frustrating for parents at times—especially during meals—it’s an important milestone that can be encouraged with simple activities.

Here’s how to support voluntary release

  1. If they aren’t yet releasing objects voluntarily, you can gently tap, rub, or stroke the back of your baby’s hand to encourage them to open their fingers and let go. 
  2. Ask them to hand you an object they’re holding. This often works best if you have something to trade ❤️
  3. Give them a kitchen pot and wood blocks to drop into it. The satisfying sound the blocks make when they hit the bottom will inspire them to continue.
  4. The Ball Drop Box is also a great tool for practicing this emerging skill.


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