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The best potty books for toddlers 

Even before your toddler is ready to start using the potty, reading books about the experience can help them understand what the process is all about. The best toddler books about potty learning:

  1. Normalize using the potty—everyone does it 😉 
  2. Introduce words for body parts and functions. 
  3. Acknowledge that most children have potty “misses” while they’re learning. 
  4. Give your toddler an idea of what success looks like. 

6 books to prepare your toddler for potty learning

Your toddler will learn best from straightforward, emotionally validating books. Try to avoid the message that “Big kids use the potty”—this messaging could backfire if your toddler isn’t ready to think of themselves as a big kid yet. Here are a few books our Lovevery experts recommend:

“Ready to Go: Pee” and “Ready to Go: Poop”

Filled with real-life photographs, these companion books from The Realist Play Kit Book Bundle explore the emotions of a potty “miss”—and the pride that comes from being successful.

“Potty” by Leslie Patricelli

This sweet story follows a young toddler as they use the potty for the first time—and finally find success after a lot of waiting. The simple images will appeal to young toddlers, and older ones may be charmed by the silly parts.

“Everyone Poops” by Taro Gomi

A classic from the 70s, “Everyone Poops” normalizes bodily functions and using the toilet. All of the people and animals in this book digest food, have gas, and go poop.

“Time to Pee” by Mo Willems

A young girl leaves her toys behind so she can make it to the potty in time. When she returns after her adventure, her toys are right where she left them. This step-by-step story about using the potty balances just enough detail with fun illustrations. 

“Going to the Potty” by Fred Rogers

Mr. Rogers approaches this topic as an important part of growing and learning, and shows the uncertainty, challenges, and pride that can come with the process.


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