7 - 8 Months

Including your 8-month-old in household tasks

Baby playing with kitchen utensils

Your baby is curious about everything and eager to learn and explore. Involving them in household chores is a great way to nurture this interest and support their development.

While this will sometimes mean giving them an object to hold as you perform the task, narrating each step and encouraging their participation makes them feel capable and useful—and it’s never too early to instill the value that working together is so much better than working alone. 

5 ways to include your baby in chores

  1. While folding laundry, give them a sock to hold and name different pieces of clothing.
  2. Demonstrate how to clean the floor using a wet washcloth and then let your baby take a turn.
  3. Provide safe kitchen tools for them to investigate as you make dinner. Pots, pans, and spoons are great for banging!
  4. Give them paper to crinkle up while you pay a bill. 
  5. Let them hold a small watering can (you will probably need to hold your hand on theirs) and water the plants together.


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