13 - 15 Months

How to help your toddler understand their emotions 

Describing your toddler’s emotions helps them make the connection between their feelings and their behavior. Over time, this teaches them that they can control how they act when they feel a certain way.

How to help your toddler connect how they feel to what they do

Narrate what they’re doing, then simply but clearly make the link to their emotional state. For example, you can tell them: 

“Your cracker broke in half and you started crying. You seem really sad.”

“It’s time to go and you sat down. I wonder if you don’t want to leave.”

“You are holding Mommy’s leg so tightly. Could you be feeling worried?”

“What a big yawn. You must be so sleepy!”

“You see Grandma walking up the sidewalk and you’re jumping up and down. You’re so excited to see her!” 


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