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How to handle picky eating—tips and advice from Happy Family

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My first company was Happy Family Organics, which grew—like Lovevery—out of a desire to give children the best possible start in life. The same research holds true in nutrition as it does in brain science: the first three years of life are critical. The hard part is getting our children to eat the foods we know are good for them 🙃

Happy Family has done a lot of research over the years to understand what nutrients babies and young children need to thrive, and to help parents give them wholesome, varied diets and strong lifetime habits.

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Here’s what Happy Family has to say about picky eating and toddler nutrition:

At two, it seems to happen all of a sudden: your baby is a champ eater then, snap! Picky eating begins. Foods they used to love may now be refused, and new foods are a fight. Meal times begin to feel a little more stressful. While this is a normal part of toddlerhood, it certainly can be frustrating. Read on for some tips that may help make meal time more enjoyable.

What makes our kids picky eaters?

  • Toddlers’ growth rate slows down from when they were infants, and often so does their appetite. 
  • Becoming weary of new foods is believed to be an evolutionary benefit for young children in protecting them from eating potentially poisonous plants. In modern days, this can be a barrier to trying new and safe foods. 
  • Young children need and love snacks and drinks. However, too much of these can crowd out meals, especially if poorly timed. 
  • Kids and people all interpret sensory stimuli differently. Kids with strong sensory responses may experience taste and smell more strongly, making them more sensitive to foods and thus “picky eaters.”

For tips, best practices, and meal ideas, check out Happy Family’s Picky Eating Guide.

Happy Family Organics is proud to provide organic nutrition and support for you & your baby’s feeding journey from day one, whether that’s breast or formula feeding all the way through starting solids and picky eating. Our team of registered dietitian nutritionists, lactation consultants and all moms are available to provide helpful tips and advice for free 7 days a week, with no sign-up or email required. Learn more and chat now here.


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