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Building attachment with your baby may be easier than you think

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Attachment plays an important role in how the structure of an infant’s brain forms, laying the foundation for all facets of their development. 

3 tips to encourage attachment

Cultivating a secure attachment doesn’t necessarily require specific practices, such as co-sleeping, breastfeeding, or holding your baby for a specific number of hours. Instead, it’s about the quality of your connection—your calm, engaged focus on them and a timely, compassionate response to their needs. 

  1. Be predictable. Respond to your baby whenever they cry or otherwise express a need. You can pause for a few moments before picking your baby up to see if they settle back down on their own, but if they seem upset, comfort them. 
  2. Make eye contact. With all that parents have to do throughout the day to care for babies and ourselves, we can actually forget to make eye contact. When you and your baby connect this way, they will begin to feel a sense of identity and importance. This is a subtle but valuable element of building a relationship with them. 
  3. Use words and actions together. Talk to your baby, especially when engaged in daily rituals like picking them up and changing their diaper. The combination of your voice and touch will deepen your baby’s sense of security and attachment to you ❤️


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