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A top way to help develop your baby’s vocabulary, according to research

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When it comes to developing your baby’s vocabulary, it helps to be a broken record 🙃

A study from the University of Maryland and Harvard University found that babies who heard the same words over and over were better able to put meaning to words and process what was said to them. By age 2, those same children also had stronger vocabulary and language comprehension.

4 tips to maximize your baby’s language development

  1. Repeat words for things that pique your baby’s interest. For example, if you see your baby stare at a dog, you can say, “You’re looking at the dog. Dog! Woof-woof!” 
  2. Emphasize the word that you’re trying to teach by speaking slowly and using a sing-song tone, or parentese
  3. Reinforce and deepen their understanding of a word by saying it in different circumstances and locations.
  4. When your baby babbles, babble in return, but also say the real word that they may be trying to say. 


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