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3 ways to connect long distance

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Living far away from extended family can be tough. While nothing can compete with a real hug or cuddle, you can find meaningful ways for your family and baby to connect and form close bonds, even from afar.

1. Video chats

Visiting with family on a video chat at various points throughout your baby’s day incorporates them in your baby’s life. You can make it a daily or nightly event by inviting loved ones to read a story, sing a song, make silly faces, or just talk with your baby.

Note that video chats are not considered ‘screen time’ by experts. Because of the back-and-forth nature of a video chat, they function much more like having an in-person interaction than watching a show.

2. Emails and texts

To keep email and text updates interesting, pick a spot in your home and take regular photos of your baby there. This helps family members really see how your baby is changing—and you’ll be keeping a record for yourself, too. 

3. Family album

You can take the idea a step further by adding photos of your extended family to the Standing Card Holder, Soft Book, or an album. When you share it with your baby, name each person while pointing to their picture and talking about them. During your video chats, you can help your baby match the photos with real people ❤️


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