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What Are the Best Baby Play Mats?

posted 2018 Jul by

Rebecca Parlakian, senior director of programs at child-development organization Zero to Three, called play mats “a ‘one-stop shop’ for infant playtime, offering babies a range of sensory experiences — sights, sounds and textures — as they play.”

The Lovevery play mat comes with a variety of toys that can be attached to its removable, sustainably-sourced wood legs, like a black and white ball for grasping and rolling, and BPA-free silicone teething rings. “Five different development zones encourage baby to explore sensory activities and strengthen baby’s ability to focus,” said Neuman, “and, thanks to the fold-out flaps, each can be revealed or concealed based on baby’s age — perfect for avoiding overstimulation.” This is especially important for those early months when, according to Parlakian, “babies have a more limited ability to manage their attention and cope with sensory input.”