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Time Magazine Best Inventions 2018 - Toys That Evolve With Your Baby

posted 2018 Nov by

To a baby, a toy is more than just a toy—it’s a tool that can be instrumental to early brain development, so long as it’s deployed correctly. That’s the thinking behind Lovevery Play Kits, which are designed to engage babies at every stage of development. The 0-to-8-week kit, for example, includes cards with high-contrast black and white images for visual stimulation; the 7-to-8-month kit includes a simple puzzle to develop motor skills and problem-solving. (Parents can buy an individual two-month play kit for $80 or subscribe for $36 per month to get recurring shipments.) “There is something magical about a toy if it’s done right, because it can help clue the parent into what the baby is hungry to do,” says Jessica Rolph, who co-founded Lovevery with her friend and fellow parent Roderick Morris, in consultation with a cadre of experts. Eventually, they envision a line of products targeting kids through age 6.