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This Play Kit Subscription Box Is Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed as a New Mom -

posted 2018 Nov by

Finding toys that slow Marcus down are practically unheard of in my house. But he was mesmerized by everything in the “Explorer” Play Kit, particularly the Little Grip Canister Set. The set helps tiny hands and growing brains learn about volume and containment. I was pretty blown away that something so simple — no flashing lights, no sounds — could keep him entertained. And not only that, TEACH him things. I had this idea of play as something that’s annoying with bright colors, loud noises, basically toys should SCREAM, but the Lovevery toys are not like that at all — they’re low-key confident. And when I sat down with Marcus, playing together came naturally. I felt connected to my little man without anything getting in the way because it dazzled more than it helped develop a tiny brain.