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9 Must Have Products For Baby Number 2

posted 2018 Jan by

You’ll soon find that anything that is meant for your newborn, your toddler will have a sudden desire to have it – especially with toys! When it came to a play gym for baby #2 we wanted something that would help our newborn explore new sights, sounds and feels but also something that would hold the attention of our toddler. Having both kids entertained at the same time is the holy grail! So, when we came across the Lovevery Baby play gym, we knew it was a must. It’s larger than most play gyms so it can easily accommodate both kiddos and is made using sustainable wood instead of plastic – so, it will sustain the wear and tear of toddlers and babies. Our favorite thing about it though is they have designed the mat based on research about what best stimulates babies at different stages during the first year of their lives. With all different activities and accessories, there are plenty of opportunities for your toddler to play and engage with their younger sibling!