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Week 5: Tracking sights and sounds

posted 2019 Feb by

Watching a moving object and hearing common noises help fine tune your baby’s tracking skills. Here are some newborn play ideas for tracking sights and sounds:


Tracking Sights:

Slowly move a High-Contrast Card back and forth horizontally about 12 inches in front of your baby’s face and see if her eyes track the moving image. This may be a challenge for her. You can also shake and slowly move the high-contrast rattle in her field of vision from side to side. Her eyes may cross because they are still building muscle strength.

Tracking Sounds:

By week 4, your baby will show more interest in sounds. Help support that by exposing her to sounds from real life. Try to introduce just one sound at a time. When your baby is alert and the room is quiet, you can tear or crumple up paper, pour pasta into a pan, tap a spoon against a bowl, or make other everyday noises. Talk about what you are doing and see if she looks toward the source of the sounds.