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Week 47: How doing mundane tasks like laundry can be full of meaning for your child

posted 2019 Feb by

(Video: Baby play ideas 11-12 months: laundry)

First of all, we get it: life is busy. We’d all love to spend limitless time engaged in exploration with our kids, but there’s laundry to do and groceries to buy, work deadlines and our own adult lives to attend to.

Here’s the good news: getting your baby involved with mundane everyday tasks helps her understand important concepts while you get stuff done.

This doesn’t mean just having your baby tag along-there is an art to narrating, explaining, and including your baby in what you are doing. See Jessica, Lovevery co-founder and mom of 3, model how.

When she’s invited to do what you are doing, she’s able to start organizing useful information in her brain and link it to broader concepts. This helps her think in more advanced ways.