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Week 41: The fascinating powers of a simple Montessori egg

posted 2019 Feb by

As simple as it is, the wood cup and egg is fascinating to babies. It is also quite useful; it helps your baby learn to use both sides of her body at the same time, a skill that’s important for tasks like getting dressed. She needs lots of experience using both of her hands at once. This practice builds the speed of communication between her brain’s two hemispheres.

  • In the beginning, your baby will probably just enjoy banging the egg and cup together—she is still using both sides of her body to do this!

  • See if she can dump the egg out of the cup at first. Eventually, she’ll work out how to put the egg back in.

  • Show your baby how to set the egg in the cup and then take it out again.

  • Have your baby hold the egg in one hand, the cup in the other, and encourage her to put them together.

  • You can help guide her hands while standing or sitting behind her.