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Week 4: Don't miss this expert mama's essential newborn tip

posted 2019 Feb by

Most newborn babies can’t hold their heads pointed forward; you may notice that your baby’s head usually flops one way or the other. Babies are actually born with a preference for turning their heads to a particular side. This is because of how they were positioned in the womb.

Occupational therapists recommend turning your baby’s head from side to side to avoid a flat spot forming and neck muscles tightening.

How to do it:

  • Gently turn your baby’s head from side to side when he is in the carrier, during tummy time, while holding him, and when he’s awake on his back

  • If you notice he’s always looking to the same side, gently position him so he is facing the other way; offer him a black and white image to look at
  • Don’t force his head if it seems tight, and talk to your doctor if you have concerns

Rachel Coley is a pediatric occupational therapist with advanced specialized training in infant neurodevelopment. Here is a link to her how-to video about head-turning.