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Week 37: Sometimes the best toys are not toys at all

posted 2019 Feb by

(Video: Babies playing with household items)

Your baby learns by simply being with you, at your level, while you walk around your house and do your thing. Your baby will love exploring simple tasks like turning the lights on and off, opening and closing doors, and “helping” you make coffee or get a glass of water.

There is an art to house tours. Following are some tips for ways to engage with your baby in the tasks of everyday life:

  • Rap on a window or door when you are holding your baby and see how she tunes into the sound.

  • Shake a bottle of vitamins.

  • Let your baby (supervised) dump tea bags out of the box and explore them.
  • Your baby is working her fine motor skills. With more and more practice, she will be able to turn things on and off herself. Until then, put your fingers over hers while you manipulate switches and faucets and door handles together.

  • Babies love repetition, so feel free to explore the same places and perform the same tasks over and over.