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Week 32: Making space for baby

posted 2019 Jan by

Not only does your baby love to play with real kitchen stuff, she also loves to pull things out of cupboards and drawers and dump them onto the floor.

Your baby will love it if you can dedicate a cupboard or drawer in the spaces that you often spend time inthe bathroom and kitchen especiallythough we know extra space can be a luxury!

Some ideas for the bathroom include hair brushes, curlers, combs, clean toothbrushes, and plastic or wooden bracelets you no longer wear. The kitchen cupboard could include muffin tins, whisks, pastry brushes, plastic containers, plastic plates or cups, pans and lids, measuring spoons, dish towels, and oven mitts.

Note: Monitor your baby to make sure small items aren’t mouthed, and ensure that furniture is securely attached to walls. Always monitor babies around objects with handles, such as whisks, brushes, wooden spoons, etc.