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Week 30: Fresh ideas with water and ice

posted 2019 Feb by

The sink, the tub, a hose on low drip, a tray on the floor—there are so many ways to play with water and babies love them all!

Your baby also loves to play with ice. He is starting to learn that some things stay the same, some things appear to change but are actually still the same (like you in your 😎), and some things actually transform—like ice melting to water.

Please note that your baby must be closely supervised when around water and ice.

Here are some ideas for water and ice play:

  • While he is in a warm bath, put a few ice cubes in so he can work to grasp them before they melt. A drop or two of food coloring in your ice tray is fun, too.

  • Let your baby play with ice cubes as they melt and slide around on a cookie sheet or tray.

  • Ice is great entertainment at a restaurant or on a plane-just take care that he doesn't get a chokeable piece in his mouth.
  • You can put your baby in your kitchen sink with the tap on warm and low. Your baby will enjoy the feel of the smooth hardware and dripping water.
  • The bathroom sink can be fun too because he can play with you and the baby in the mirror!
  • Fill a zip-lock bag with ice cubes and tape it to the floor. Let your baby feel the shape of the cubes and the icy cold texture.⁣

  • Once he is sitting reliably (and if weather allows), you can take your baby outside with you and put him on the grass, deck, or patio with a large bowl of water and the Drip Drop cups.