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Week 28: When should my baby be scooting and crawling?

posted 2019 Feb by

Focusing on the big milestones and comparing your baby to others is a natural instinct. As parents, we have all felt proud, worried, maybe even competitive at times.

At Lovevery, we try not to talk about “milestones” in the traditional way; we want to help you tune into your baby. Growth and development can be subtle in certain phases, more obvious in others. We are here to help you meet your baby where he is now, whether he’s working on rolling, scooting, or crawling.

Typical development windows can span several months. Here are the average ranges for your baby’s various forms of locomotion:

Scooting on belly backwards: babies typically scoot backwards between 7 and 8 months

Scooting on belly forwards: babies typically scoot forward on their bellies by pulling with arms and pushing with legs between 8 and 9.5 months

Crawling with belly off the floor: babies typically start crawling between 6 and 10 months

To help get your baby moving forward:

  • Start by putting your baby in a short-sleeved onesie so he can use his skin against the floor to get a little grip

  • Put your baby on a smooth surface (as opposed to a rug or blanket)

  • Roll a ball just out of reach during tummy time to entice your baby to move

  • Allow your baby to get the ball, resisting the temptation to move it farther away as he works towards it

  • Once your baby is on the move and crawling with belly off the floor, you can create an obstacle course of big pillows to help build his muscles and challenge his new skill