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Week 20: Your baby's number 1 favorite activity for his entire first year

posted 2019 Feb by

(There is an art to talking with babies. Watch how Lovevery cofounder’s husband Decker, father of 3, does it here)

Your baby is just beginning to understand that some words represent actual things and events. To a baby, adult conversation sounds something like this: “Areyouhungrywanttoeat?” The adult brain can insert boundaries between these words, but baby brains can’t do that yet.

When you speak at a slightly slower pace about what’s happening in the moment, he can hear the separation between words and sounds. Enjoy your “conversations” by responding when he makes sounds back at you.

Here is an example of a “conversation” with your baby:

(In the nursery) "I'm going to pick you up now. Here you go, up in the air... up, up, now down, down."

(Going outside) "Now we're going over to the door. [At the door] I'm going to touch the handle and open it. I'm opening the door with my hand. Oh, do you feel that? There’s a little breeze outside, do you feel that on your face? I can feel it on my face. The sun is shining, too.”

(At the sink) “I'm going to turn the handle... look, here comes water out of the faucet. Now, let’s put our fingers under the water. It’s cold water, isn't it?"

As parents, we are trained to think that when a baby gets fussy it’s because he must need to eat, sleep, or have his diaper changed. Yet sometimes he just wants his world to get a little bigger. This is why talking slowly while you show your baby the world will be his absolute favorite activity in the first year.